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KIVOLEX Summer High School Elective Tanzania programs are designed for passionate students who want to serve others and connect to another culture while traveling Tanzania.

If you are thinking what qualification high school electives need to have, below are important requirements one needs have to do high school elective in Tanzania:

  • The minimum age to be a participant is 17 years. In case you are 16-years-old, you can join a program along with a guardian or a supervisor.
  • Submitting a criminal background check would be required while applying.
  • This is because our projects are relating to welfare of the children.
  • You must be open-minded, adaptive, ready to learn and eager to make a difference. Remember that this is not just another holiday, but something that is extremely meaningful.

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High School Medical Elective Project Guidelines in Tanzania

Are you planning to elective Tanzania this year? want to meet someone new and do social work Tanzania?

Or have you graduated from high school and have not yet decided what to do with your life and are looking for a new job?

It is time to choose to elective in another country to change your life.

Yes, elective for one year Tanzania is a common experience for high school and college students. These types of elective journeys are considered to be liberating, transformative and rich in learning. Much depends on the type of destination and the service provided by the electives.

There are driving trainings in developing and under developed countries. Giving high school students a new way to travel.

This is not your typical vacation, and it is not a elective trip like a regular vacation. They are affordable places that offer rich heritage, diverse culture and many services and important contributions to the host community.

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What are the benefits of Medical elective Tanzania as a high school student?

Remembering these questions is very important. You think, “What can you get by doing medical elective in Tanzania?” Now is the time to respond. Here are seven of the inevitable benefits of elective as a high school student.

1. Volunteers make you feel compassionate and compassionate
2. Volunteers help you develop new skills
3. Commitment is a great way to promote courtship
4. Volunteers help you become a team player
5. Employers develop your leadership skills
6. Volunteering Tanzania is a great opportunity to visit and discover new countries.
7. Volunteers increase your self-esteem and confidence

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