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Day Trip to Mikumi National Park

Mikumi national Park is the closest National park to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, making a day trip to Mikumi national park from Dar Es Salaam very possible. Dar Es Salaam being the country’s economic Capital is Tanzania’s busiest city. Taking a day out of the city and enjoy a Safari or Game Drive to Mikumi national park is always advice especially for the Visitors and Tourists. A day trip to Mikumi national Park would require an early morning road trip from Dar Es Salaam region to Morogoro region were Mikumi National park is located. Likewise you would also need to do a late evening drive from Mikumi National Park in Morogoro Region to Dar Es Salaam City. There is also an option to take a return flight to Mikumi national park using small charter flights.  

Welcome to Mikumi National Park

As accessible as it is, Mikumi is the most appealing Park to a

safari. This Park will give a true taste of an African safari

while preserving your precious time.

The Park has a variety of wildlife that can be easily seen.


closeness to Dar es salaam makes it an ideal for a day trip to Mikumi National park for Tourists who don’t have to spend a long time on an extended

safari itinerary. The vegetation of this area is savanna dotted

with acacia, baobab, tamarinds and some palm trees.

Mikumi is one most reliable places in Tanzania for animal

sightings especially during the dry season.

This is the time

when wildlife is easier to spot because vegetation is thinner

and animals gather around water sources such as Mkata river,

hippo pools, Mwanambogo poosl and other waterholes. These

waterholes are constantly visited by big herds of buffaloes,

elephants as well as other wild animals. We are honored that

you have chosen to visit and stay with us and look forward to

providing you with unforgettable experience.

A day trip to Mikumi national park

Establishment of Mikumi National Park

Mikumi national Park was Establish in 1964, just a few years after Tanzania’s Independence in 1961. Mikumi National Park is located in Mikumi Constituent in Morogoro region. The Nearest City to Mikumi National park is Dar es Salaam, country’s Economical capital. The estimated number of tourist visiting this national park is estimated to be around 100,000 tourists per year. Mkumi national Park is governed by Tanzania National Parks authority (TANAPA). Mikumi national Park is well known for Day trip to Mikumi national Park from Dar Es Salaam City.

About Mikumi National Park

A day trip to Mikumi national park would take you to the 4th largest National park in Tanzania. Covering an area of about 3,230 square Km, Mikumi national Park is bordering Selous Game reserve, Udzungwa Mountains and Uluguru Mountains. Mikumi national Park in Tanzania belongs to a group of National Parks that are less Visited by International Tourists. Mikumi national park is one of the protected national Parks in terms of Environmental View.

The Landscape of Mikumi is identical to that of the Great Serengeti National park. It is also mentioned that even the experience of the Safari or Game drive that Mikumi offers is quite similar to the Experience of the Great Serengeti Safari. This makes a day trip to Mikumi national park something that most tourist in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania desire to do.

The recommended season to visit Mikumi national park is during the dry season that is from May to November. The weather is usually warm and the sites are beautiful enough to make a day trip to Mikumi national park a once-in-a-life-time Unforgettable experience.


  • The spectacular concentration of variety of animals in

Mkata flood plain including four of the big five, Elephant,

Buffalos, Lion and Leopard.

  • The ever changing skies and light producing glorious

sunrise and sunset.

  • The world’s largest Antelope (Eland, Greater Kudu, Sable

Antelope, Defassa Waterbuck and African hunting wild


  • Mikumi also offers an outstanding diversity of bird life,

from the striking turkey-sized group hornbill to the tiny

sunbirds more than 400 spp are found. Bateleur eagles are

often seen soaring in th intense blue skies, and the lilacbreasted rollers add brilliance to their background.

  • Mikumi has a variety of vegetation types ranging from

seasonally flooded grassland to woodland and reverine

forest. The afromontane forest found on the summit of

Malundwe Mountains is of forest type that is renowned for

its unique flora and founa.

Details of a Day trip to Mikumi National Park

Usually a road trip to Mikumi National Park, in Morogoro region begins in the very early morning at around 04:00am. You will be picked by a vehicle from your accommodation within Dar Es Salaam, whether you are in a hotel, hostel and even those staying in a homestay with a host family will also be picked.

After pick up the trip to mikumi National park would begin and it would take approximately 7 hours to reach the Entrance gate of Mikumi National park. On the way to Mikumi national park there would be a stop for breakfast and refreshment, approximate 2 hours after the trip has started. The means of Transport used for your day trip to Mikumi national Park is a semi Luxury min bus. This is the car that you will use to and from Mikumi. However at the entrance gate you will change cars and get into a Safari Jeep. This safari Jeep is the car you will use within Mikumi National park for your safari while your min bus waits for you at the gate outside.

The distance for your day trip to Mikumi from Dar es Salaam is approximately 251 Km. On your way to Mikumi National Park from Dar Es salaam you will pass through Several major town like Kibaha town, Chalinze town and Morogoro Town before you reach Mikumi National Park Gate.

A day trip to Mikumi national park will offer you an opportunity to see Animals such as elephants, Giraffes, zebras, impala, eland, kudu, black antelope, baboons, wildebeests and buffaloes. Around 5 km from the north of the park, there are two artificial pools inhabited by hippos. More than 400 different species of birds also inhabit the park.

a day trip to Mikumi national park

A day In Mikumi national Park

You are expected to arrive at the gate of Mikumi National Park at around 08:30am. Park fee payments and other document clearance processes will be done at the Entrance gate before you start your Safari. After that an early morning drive will start and this an opportunity to see many animals as animals tend to walk free and around during the morning. Your day trip to mikumi national park is actually divided into two sections an afternoon session and evening session. The Morning Session is the longest and people tend to see a lot of animals during this time.

After Lunch Session of a safari In Mikumi National Park  

The morning session of the mikumi safari will take up to 5 hours taking you up to around 01:30pm, were you will break for Lunch of about 30 minutes. After Lunch you will enter into the afternoon session were you will do 3 hours of safari and we expect that at around 04:30pm in the evening to start your trip back to dar Es salaam from Mikumi National Park. As said earlier the trip back to Dar Es Salaam will likewise take 7 hours.

On your way back to Dar es Salaam, you will also stop for dinner and refreshments. If all goes according to plans, you are expected to arrive in Dar Es Salaam at around 11:00pm at night. That will be the end of your unforgettable day trip to Mikumi national park in Tanzania. This is an opportunity of a life time to experience and enjoy the unforgettable wildlife tours that Tanzania has to offer.

A day Trip to Mikumi national Park itinerary



  • A day trip to Mikumi national park will start with a Very early morning at 03am picked up  at your  hotel/ apartment  and transfer to mikumi national park  6 hours where  you’ll  arrive  at the park  main  entrance  gate  by 07am.
  • There you’ll have  a short  stop  for  Registration , stretching  , and then enter  the park where  you’ll  have  the first  2 hour  of driving  around  to see some animals  as most  are more active  in the early morning. 
  • There after the first  two  hours  you’ll  stop  for  breakfast  inside  the park Restaurant.  Then continue  with  game  viewing  all around  different  locations of the  park searching  for  animals  from  the elephants, Giraffes, zebras, buffalo, eland, lions, leopards  many troops  of baboons, different species  of antelopes  and so on.
  • In the noon time  we will  have  another  break  for  hot  lunch followed  with  a short    And there after  we will  continue  with  our  game  viewing  for  2 more hours  then exit  the park and drive  back to Dar es salaam  by 03pm where  we  will  arrive  in Dar  late at 08pm. This will be the end of your day trip to Mikumi national Park

a day trip to mikumi national park

The price would be 350$ per person.

Price includes

  • +Pick up and transfer to mikumi national park both directions
  • +All park entrance fee’s
  • +All food and soft  drinks
  • +safari car with open roof  for your perfect game viewing
  • + safari Guide
  • +and off course your  dinner  on the way back

It does not include extras such as drinks, laundry, items of personal

Nature, travel insurance and tips.

Please note:

  • All of our clients are required to have adequate travel insurance to cover cancellations, medical evacuation or amendments.
  • Once bookings have been confirmed, amendments, changes or cancellations would attract cancellation fees.
  • Prices are subject to change if government legislation requires us to raise prices.
  • This can sometimes happen with minimal notice.